Hey all!

Several days ago I launched my new website (which I designed and developed myself)! I stopped blogging or updating social media when I migrated my old site over for some content. So, around the last time I posted is about how long it took to finish and launch my first website.

I work with Birdie at Birdhouse, doing web design/development management and support, and recently wanted to dive a lot deeper into learning web including how to build websites from beginning to end. I have to say, understanding I would learn a lot prior to starting didn’t completely prepare me for how much information I was about to take in. HTML, CSS, SQL, FTP, Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects) are just a few to mention.

One, of many, fun thoughts I had throughout the process was that building a website felt similar to building a metal cast sculpture. Keeping the vison alive through many different steps in the process, especially in times when the final product wasn’t remotely visible anymore, really stood out to me. The combination of using creativity and logical thinking, the left and right brain, felt a lot like the metal casting process too.

Getting this project to the finish line was hard work, fun and so rewarding! (also, just like metal casting) smile

If you get a chance, head to the homepage and check it out. I hope you enjoy!


Shoutout to Birdhouse Websites & Designs 🙂