Hey friends!

As we begin another weekend in our new reality, I thought I’d share what my grandpa and I have been doing to stay busy while social distancing as much as humanly possible!

First, a little background story. Several months ago, I started what I thought would be a longer tradition. Wednesdays I visited my grandpa to catch up, gain insight into his relationship with his cat, listen to old country music and make a hearty slow cooker meal for him and my mom for later in the evening. It didn’t last long.

Collaboration Starts

For two Wednesdays I knew in the back of my mind that our weekly hangout would be coming to an end, so I started thinking of alternative ways to keep the momentum going. As we sat at his dining room table for the last time before shut downs and quarantine, I passed the thought by him of us collaborating, and he was totally on board.

Our Process

We looked through the photographs in his book, Remembering and Rambling On, to get an idea of what images to focus on recreating first. True to his desire for a good challenge, he gravitated towards more detailed and complicated photos to start with. We ultimately decided to start by working from the photograph of the house my grandma grew up in, in Peever, SD. 🙂

It’s been one month ago today since our last in-person Wednesday check-in, on March 11th, when we started this project. Now we have five pieces in progress!

The main photo here is the first painting we finsihed. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


As always shout out to Birdhouse Websites for building this awesome website.